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作者:www.ruishiye.com  时间:2017-09-07
      uncouple', laughed. In unison.英语小短文
     That was in 2014, and Paltrow was ridicu But my, how things have changed since then.
     Today, on top of the regular cheesy vomit-inducing #isaidyes engagement/wedding/baby-on-the-way announcements, there is a new kind of post that keeps popping up on our timelines - the breakup post.
     Modern Family star Ariel Winter hinted at her breakup from songwriter Laurent Claude Gaudette with this post: 'Love doesn’t die, it simply evolves. We grow up, we realise what we truly want. I’m excited for this new chapter in my love life - love is all around.'
     Couples are announcing their breakups to family, social media sites and surprisingly, they are not at all cringeworthy. These aren’t your regular 'so-and-so is a lying, cheating piece of scum. It’' kind of posts.
     情侣们正让社交媒体网站向家人、朋友甚至粉丝打分手消息,但残杀惊讶的是,那会儿一点都不感觉尴尬。因因为这些帖子既是不是像原劝说分手时说的“某某人说谎,他是欺骗的渣滓”这类同袍同泽的话语。现除了这只是结束我们之间关系的 “一种专款专用帖子”。
     These are posts that are respectful of both parties, cherishing the time they have spent together but admit that they are unable to carry on the love.
      to an end, but our respect for each other remains for to move on individually is an example of how these posts are written.
     Such posts are important, especially if - for some reason or other - one has been invested in the relationship too.
     Creepy? Not at all - this happens a lot among social media influencers who have followers who root for couples they don’t even know in real life.
      model Ashley Hart took it one step further when she penned a whimsical poem about her breakup from then- and fellow social media influencer Buck Palmer. At the very least, it answered questions that her fans would have had about the lack of Buck-related posts in her timeline.
     Some people might say that it is unnecessary to share such details of their lives, but it shouldn’ as the norm.
     These days, without having to see the targeted audience in the eye. Of course, to get almost immediate emotional support, understanding, an ’agreement’ from one’s closest ’friends’, says Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences Research Resources Centre director Assoc Prof Dr Muhammad Najib Mohamad Alwi.
     One interesting observation is that on FB , these ’friends’ could only be an acquaintance in the real world, but in cyberspace, he or for many people these days, he adds.
     But wouldn’t you want to know why we do not see pictures of the couple, or posts in which they tag each other anymore?
     In fact, from making a social media faux pas of mentioning the , for the person who posts them as well as their cyber buddies?
      as they hoped, couples can feel understood and perhaps even relieved. On the other hand, , which might make the situation worse for the couple, says Muhammad Najib.
     Whether these breakup posts are tasteful or not,, their friends, family and followers, closure. We now know that the particular chapter of their lives has closed, and like them, we too have to move on.