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作者:www.ruishiye.com  时间:2017-08-04

      With the debut of Chinese all-female idol group SNH48 at this year’s Central China Television Spring Festival Gala and the appearance of Wang Yuan, a member of China’s hottest boy group TFboys, at a UN youth forum on January 31, 2017, China’s so- beginning to show their influence at home and as well as around the globe.
     Thanks to the rise of new media and a preference for younger stars in China over the past two to three years, Fostered Idols, or yangcheng ouxiang in Chinese, have swept the country. TFboys has reached an amazing 60 million followers on China’s largest social media platform Sina Weibo, while the top three SNH48 members together have more than 7 million followers.
     Different from traditional stars who remain out of fans’ reach, with face to face.'
     Secret recipe
     The word yangcheng means 'to bring up,' and this naturally makes fan engagement a key part of these idols’ In the case of SNH48, which started as a sister group of the Japanese idol group AKB48, the group arranges a series of regular events such as a 'hand-shaking meeting' to allow fans to get closer to their idols.
     'We want fans to witness the way these untrained teenage girls grow into real stars, Akimoto, a producer for AKB48, told Quick Japan magazine in 2009, giving a glimpse into the mind-set behind the creation of these all-girl bands.
     Age matters, too. For instance, TFboys made their debut at around the age of 13.
     'First, they have to be young, of course,' Huang Rui, the former major promoter for TFboys, explained at a press conference in December about what makes a good Fostered Idol group. 'This is so that their fans can enjoy the thrill of growing up with their idols together.'
     In order to find potential talent while they are still young, Johnnys, a renowned Japanese idol-, sends teenage girls and boys to a sort of 'idol boot camp' where they live and train together. This method is very similar to the apprenticeship system in South Korea, which is the typical star- in the K-
     These trainee idol groups regularly release self-produced videos or hold small intimate live performances that allow fans to get as close as possible, both physically and psychologically, to their idols.
     TFboys, who started as three untrained school boys, began to draw public attention in 2013, thanks largely to a number of video clips showing them training at singing and dancing that were posted online by their team. Wang Yuan in particular attracted global attention after he spoke about the importance of quality education at the UN Youth Forum.
     As for girl groups such as SNH48 and 1931, they started attracting fans by holding regular shows at specific theaters, and later expanded to reality shows, TV productions and online games.
     New attempts
     Although TFboys and SNH48 started out as perfect replicas of the Japanese idol system, their managers have taken a more localized approach in recent years, such as allowing members to appear in local reality shows, In fact SNH48 took this localization to the extreme last year, by openly splitting with their Japanese roots.
     Other plans involve tailoring groups to local tastes.
     China in recent years has witnessed a boom in ACGN culture, or two- called. As such new groups tailored to attract fans of this genre are on the way. For instance, a number of new Fostered Idol groups set to debut this year, like YHBOYS - for being a copycat of TFboys - and X-TIME BOYS are all-boy groups.
     近些年来,中国在ACGN领域的发展颇为三浴三衅。关于此同时,一些新型组合也为增强上述粉丝群体而应运而生。联系起来,被称为TFboys“山寨组合” 的新组合YHBOYS以及另一个名为“X-TIME BOYS”的男子偶像团体最近俪承联系起来。
     Vowing to 'target the country’s two- and animation lovers,' Huang showed his confidence in the project, dubbing it 'an innovation for China’s idol-'