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作者:www.ruishiye.com  时间:2017-02-14
      'Have you gotten married?''Have you received a salary raise???'英语短文阅读
     Are you familiar with these questions starting with 'have you' and ending in at least one question mark?
     If your answer is yes and you are getting sick of answering these questions, a member of the 'home-fear group'.
     The 'home- about returning home during the Spring Festival. They have deep concerns about going back home for such factors as heavy economic pressure, high costs of the festival, the troubles of buying tickets, the long distance of the journey and exposure of private matters relating to family or love life.

      Now, a special song has been tailor-made for this group.
     After the popularity of the So Far, the Sofa is So Far in the past year, has released another song called What I Do is for Your Own Good on January 17.
     The seven-minute song utilizes a choir style and rap. The beginning of the song is sung by the choir, which involves a family scene where a recently returned young adult is asked a series of questions by family members. After the 'question attack' from relatives, the young man decides to reflect on his past and also defend himself through rap.
     It-lovers with diverse careers, including programmers,, as well as graduate students in anthropology, song, some funny sounds and postures are added for entertainment.
      to the official weibo account of, a funny song, guide for young people. A careful listen to some of the lyrics will inspire you on how to wisely answer many ’Spring Festival-specific’ questions.
     'It is a very interesting yet brainwashing song, truly describing the embarrassing situation quite a few young Chinese people have been trapped in, Santilin Clouds said.
     新浪微博用户Santilin Clouds表示,“这是一首传趣又洗脑的歌曲,真实的描述了许多年轻人被问题所困的尴尬情形。”
     Generally speaking, a hit song can reflect on the mood of listeners at a certain period, and What I Do is for Your Own Good is no exception. Many young people have expressed their sense of identity to it.
      to the change in my position, graduated from the college last year and have not saved much money yet, me,' said Zhang Qian, a 24-year-old woman working at a state-owned enterprise.
     'I am very happy to return home for a reunion during the festival and cherish the valuable moments to spend with my parents. However, I am already 32 years old but still single, a knot in my family members’ hearts that cannot be untied for many years,' Peng Xiaochun said, an English teacher working at a public high school.
      to a survey recently conducted among 1,918 young people by the research center at China Youth Daily, an overwhelming 86.4 percent of interviewees think it is necessary to return to their homeland during the Spring Festival. However, nearly half of them have expressed their concerns for returning, as they are afraid of losing face for an average life or career.
      video, a classic line from Forrest Gump is cited: 'Life is like a box of chocolates you will never know what you going to get.'
     'Indeed, we may not be that good but we will work hard in the future. That’s enough! After all,,' the song echoes the theme at the ending.